COVID19 Updates


COVID19 Updates

Cultural safaris in Tanzania

Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has changed the reality of traveling and to promote and secure the ongoing and future travels of our guests we want to offer the guarantee of some protection.

Cases of Corona Virus (COVID-19) in Tanzania or Zanzibar are dropping  and our government is proactive in limiting Tanzania’s exposure and has issued new travel advisor measures, included in this update.

Tanzania has reopened airspace as from 19th of May and international travelers are again allowed to enter the country. Further the 14 days quarantine upon arrival is not anymore active and travelers can start their holiday after a

We will soon be able to travel again, and we want to offer you different options and facilities to secure and guarantee your future trips to Tanzania.

Our booking and cancellation policies have been amended as follow:

Take note that this new booking conditions and cancellation terms replaces the current terms and Conditions only if one or both of the following conditions are met;

  1. An official Covid-19 outbreak travel ban is issued for Tanzania.
  2. A Covid-19 outbreak travel ban occurs in guest’s home country and outbound travel is banned.

The policy will apply to both new and existing bookings:

  • Already Confirmed Bookings with a deposit will be eligible to postpone travel arrangements for travel up to and including 23rd December 2021 (We cannot offer any refunds)
  • If the future booking is made for travel in a different season or availability of services means that the costs of the logistics, activities or accommodation have increased, the guest will be liable for the difference in costs associated with the new trip.
  • A voucher will be issued and send to you.
  • For new bookings with arrival date before 31st July 2020 no deposit payment is required and cancellations made to up to 15 days in advance of arrival will be free of penalties. Only packages that include booking of internal flights will have to pay a deposit.
  • We request guest who are planning to travel to secure Comprehensive Travel Insurance that will cover them for any changes or additional costs to their holiday. Make sure that your insurance stipulates to cover any Covid-19 associated costs or losses.


On the 4th April, 2020, the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania instituted additional measures with a goal of limiting the spread of corona virus in the United Republic of Tanzania. Following a decreased trend of admitted COVID-19 cases in the country, the Government has reviewed the Travel Advisory No. 2 of 4th April, 2020 to accommodate measures related to International travel as follows:

  1. All travelers whether foreigners or returning residents entering or leaving the United Republic of Tanzania will be subjected to enhanced screening for COVID19 infection. There will be no 14 days mandatory quarantine upon arrival.
  2. All international travelers should observe adherence to Infection Prevention and Control measures such as hand hygiene, wearing masks and keeping physical distancing as appropriate.
  3. All travelers are required to truthfully fill out Traveler’s Surveillance Form available onboard or in any other transport means and submit to Port Health Authorities upon arrival;
  4. All arriving/departing conveyances must provide Advance Passenger Information to allow the Points of Entry Authorities to scrutinize the manifest for possible high-risk passengers.
  5. Pilot/Captain/Driver in command of conveyance should prior to arrival submit to Port Health Authority the dully filled conveyance health declaration forms (Health Part of General Declaration, Maritime Health Declaration and Ground Transport/Vehicles Health Declaration Form)
  6. All Conveyance operators should observe adherence to Infection Prevention and Control measures such as hand hygiene, wearing masks and keeping physical distancing as appropriate.
  7. Conveyances will be subjected to decontamination if deemed necessary

In case of any medical emergency while in the United Republic of Tanzania, please call the toll-free Health Emergency Number: 199.

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