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Lake Bogoria National Reserve

Lying 1000-1600 m above sea level in the Rift Valley is a beautiful place that has the pink cloud of flamingoes and the geysers bubbling with the most spectacular hot water volcanic springs. It covers 107 sq km with 34 sq km being covered by water. The Lake Bogoria National Reserve is dominated by thorny bushland of acacia and the open shores of the lake dominated by grasslands while the sedge cyperus is around the hot springs.

The main attractions are Flamingos – the clouds of pink

They are the huge flocks of flamingoes who visit the still waters of the lake to feed on the algae. Since the lake has no outlet, it is saline and therefore a lot of blue and green algae, which forms different shades of the lake too apart from the pink of the flamingoes.

Fascinating phenomenon of the hot springs

Much more is the fascinating phenomenon of the hot springs, an indication that molten rock does not lie far below the earth’s surface. The lake has around 200 hot springs in total but has some large of these on one side of the lake. By the time it spurts off the ground, the water has reached over 94 degrees after circulating at great depth in the rock fractures. It is hot enough to boil an egg.

There is wildlife in the reserve

The greater Kudu (king of the antelopes) can be seen across the woodlands or spotted resting under acacia trees. The Burchell’s Zebra, impalas, gazelles warthogs can be seen on the plains. Vervet monkeys and olive baboons can be seen around the hot springs and campsites and the predators such as leopard, spotted hyenas and mongooses are hots of the reserve too.

Birds too are found in the reserve

The grey crowned crane is most elegant of birds and will be seen engaging in courtship dances when they gather in flocks during the breeding seasons where numerous pairs and mate-seeking adults assemble. Common ostrich are plentiful on the lake shores, around the swamps are the black-headed herons, sacred ibis and hadada. Few water birds are at the lake because it is highly saline

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