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Details of Lake Nakuru National Park

An ornithological paradise with over 450 bird species. The park, covering around 188sq km lies on the floor of the Great Rift Valley in Nakuru District of the Rift Valley Province.

The fabulous pink flamingoes over 1.5 million in number. In this park lies the shimmering waters of Lake Nakuru which is packed with the pink flamingoes. The flamingos both the greater and lesser flamingo gather at the lake shoes to extract blue green algae for food forming the pink clouds from far and are main attraction in the park.

Kenya’s first rhino Sanctuary

The park is surrounded by wooded and bushy grasslands, a splendor of a grey-green forest of euphorbia candelabrum and offers sanctuary to some of the world most endangered creatures like both the white and black rhino. The Kenya’s first rhino sanctuary is established in this park since the rhino is an endangered species. The park hosts large population of these rhinos.

Wildlife viewing

The park supports a wide ecological diversity with Flamingos (Greater and Lesser) and other water birds being the major attractions of the area. The ecosystem provides for about 56 different species of mammals including the white rhino and buffaloes and a variety of terrestrial birds numbering nearly 450 species.

Wildlife such as the Rock Hyrax, Colobus monkey, hippo, leopard, lion, black and white rhinos, water buck, stripped hyena, the golden cat, Thomsons and Grant gazelle, Rothschild Girrafe. One of the unique fact about Lake Nakuru Park is that it is compact making it have a high game density. This makes it therefore very easy to encounter wildlife during the safari trail. It is very likely to see a leopard in this park and lions are very easy to come across.

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