Kilimanjaro National Park

Kilimanjaro National Park

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Kilimanjaro National Park

Home to Africa’s highest mountain and the tallest free standing mountain in the world, Mount Kilimanjaro is dominated by the stunning vista that ‘Kili’ provides.

Standing at 5,985 metres tall, Mount Kilimanjaro is one of the world’s most accessible summits. That isn’t to say that reaching Uhuru Point isn’t a massive achievement, but its lower reaches can be explored without any formal climbing training or professional equipment.

Beyond the climbing experience, Kilimanjaro offers the opportunity to explore a number of distinct climate zones as it ascends from the tropical savannah all the way up to the icy Arctic of its peak


Kilimanjaro National Park Trails

When it comes to talking about trails, really you are talking about routes up the mountain.  There are seven different routes that provide opportunities for the ascent to the summit.

  • Southern Routes: Marangu, Machame, and Umbwe are the three routes that ascend from the south.
  • Western Routes: Lemosho, Shira, and Northern Circuit are the three routes that ascend from the west.
  • Northern Route: There is only one route that ascends from the north known as Rongai.

The Marangu Route, affectionately called the Coca Cola Route, is one of the more popular routes for the traditional visitor.  It features one of the more gradual slopes as well as provides sleeping huts along the way.  It is the oldest and most established route.

Approximately 25,000 people attempt the ascent each year.  Altitude sickness and exhaustion are the primary roadblocks to a successful climb.  Around 66% of those who attempt the trek up Mount Kilimanjaro are successful.

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