Experience a completely different world

Not only do night game drives allow you to observe nocturnal animals such as porcupines, civet cats, and aardvarks, they are also a fantastic way to see nocturnal predators and herbivores in their element.

Big cats such as leopards and lions do much of their hunting after dark, while hippopotamus trade their watery homes for grazing out on the plains.

Where to experience a night game drive

Night game drives are an optional add-on that is conducted by third-party tour operators in specific parks.

In Tanzania, night-game drives can be arranged at Lake Manyara National Park and Tarangire National Park. Night game drives are not available in the Serengeti or Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

In Kenya, Ol Pejeta is the only place in which night game drives are permitted.

Regardless of the location, night game drives attract an additional cost, as these must be done through a licensed local operator.